Welcome to the Scota Goddess Temple, a pagan devotional community dedicated to honoring the Goddess and the Ancient Gods.

This Temple has emerged as a place of connection for the devotees of the Goddess in Alba (Scotland), also open to the International Pagan Community.

We organize different activities, events and projects in person and online with the intention of helping each individual to strengthen their connection with the primordial force that is the Goddess in all her manifestations, throughout the different cycles and with our own Devotional Calendar and Celebrations. For those who feel the call to work  deeper and to devote themselfs to serve both the Goddess and the Community, the Scota Goddess Temple offers Priesthood Training divided in 3 Spirals. Visit the Training Section for more info. 

We also offer different Services for the Local and International community, including the celebration of Rites of Passage and and Legal Pagan Weddings, since the Head of the Temple is a Registered Legal Celebrant in Scotland, so is Steffy Vonscott her partner and member of the Temple. Ness has years of experience celebrating Pagan Rites. No matter your tradition, the High Priestess can officiate your Legal Wedding adapted to you, be it Nordic, Celtic, Shamanic... The Weddings and Rites of Passage Section will be ready soon with more details.

The Scota Goddess Temple is not only the house of the Gods, but also of those who have felt a call towards them and we hope that in the future it will be a place of reference not only in Scotland.

This Temple was founded with the support of the Presiding Officer of the SPF. 

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Did you know?

We are Organising the First Scottish Goddess Conference Ever! 

YES! Indeed Amazing News! 

The Scottish Goddess Conference is born as a way to raise funds to make the Temple of the Goddess in Scotland a Physical Reality. These funds will help to open our Temple we hope that by next year, 2022. We strongly believe that specially after this pandemic the Community will appreciate having a place dedicated to the Divine Open, a place to go to meditate and connect with the Goddess.

The site finally chosen for the location of the Physical Temple has been Paisley, for many different reasons. 

We will share more info in our Blog very soon!  

That the Scota Goddess Temple Coordinated and help to put Online the 2020 Scottish Pagan Federation "Visions of Magick" Conference...

It was hard work but the SPF had no experience with online events of that caliber and we did, so we accepted the challenge and got on with work in a record time. The Conference was a great success! And the Magazine that we edited as an extra to complement the Conference was downloaded by thousands of people and will shortly be available as part of the Online Catalog of the National Library of Scotland.

If you want to access the Conference and Magazine, follow the link below to Events Section.

We have a Temple Newsletter...

Yes! We have a Newsletter that you will be able to enjoy the Solstices and Equinoxes from any device in your own email and from anywhere in the world! We also have wonderful collaborators, such as Cara Hamilton, Derek Simpson, Fiona Stewart and some more that you will discover in each Newsletter. We are going to have very interesting Mini Sections! Right now we are working on the Yule edition!

If you want to receive the Scota Goddess Temple Newsletter just subscribe to the mailing list!


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That We have a Blog?

We have a blog where you will find texts related to the Path of the Priestess of the Goddess (some of them excerpts from my book in preparation: The Invisible Sandals, as well as small Devotional or Literary Texts.

In our blog you will also find the Songs that we are creating for our Project of Songs Around the Wheel of the Year.

That we now have different Memberships to join the Temple and help us to find a Physical Place?...

The Scota Goddes Temple now have different types of Membership, for those people who want to help support our efforts towards the dream of having a Physical Temple and share with us more closely through activities and exclusive material for Membersm, thanks to the Patreon Platform. 

Memberships go from just 5 Pounds a Month! And are also the perfect Gift to someone for coming Yule or why not a Birthday? Plus you know you are supporting a beautiful Project here in Scotland. 

The Goddess isis Membership also Helps Single Mums in Scotland to be able to attend Events and Workshops organised by us in the future. 

For more information, visit the Membership Section Here

That we organise Moots and Picnics...

The Scota Goddess Temple organizes several open activities, when possible, trying to be family-friendly, since we understand how difficult it is to be able to attend events when we are parents and have little ones with us. 

Many pagans are excluded from celebrations due to their parental status and it is not always easy to find someone to help you with your little ones or there is childcare available. For this reason, the Scota Goddess Temple organizes Picnics in the open air (when weather and circumstances allow us) in places where we can go with our little ones.

In addition, since 2019 we organize Moots in closed private places or child friendly to facilitate access precisely to parents who have to come with their children if they wish to attend. 

The Moots right now are itinerant since the idea is, while we do not have a Physical Temple, to bring the work of the Scota Goddess Temple closer to different groups. At the moment we are having Moots in Ayrshire and in Glasgow, but in the future we hope to celebrate one in Edinburgh and even the Highlands. These Moots have a voluntary financial contribution to help cover the venue costs and travel expenses.

Go to Events for Future Dates. 

You can help to make the Physical Temple of the Goddess in Alba a Reality... 

You can help us to have our physical Temple to meet in Scotland and worship the Goddess. A place to meet on a regular basis, a place to celebrate events in a safe space and that will be open to both devotees and first-time seekers.

Hopefully we can find a suitable place soon with your help and the help of the pagan community. If you can donate something for this purpose, even a little is welcome.

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