SGT Membership

There are 3 kinds of Scota Goddess Temple Membership. 
All Members must hold a connection to Scotland.

Libertus Membership. These members will receive the Scota Goddess Temple Newsletter if they subscribe to it however they are not entitled to vote in elections, or get discounts for SGT Events Etc.

Supporting Membership. Formal Members who support the Scota Goddess Temple with the Annual Fee of 13 GBP or Regular Donations, or Sponsor Us or be a Patreon Sponsor who apply to be Members of the Temple. Supporting Members are entitled to vote and apply to become Members of the Outer Circle of the Temple and are given member's discounts and Priority access to SGT Events, our SGT Newsletter and other benefits.

Youth Membership. To apply for this Membership the person must be over fifteen, and must live in a household with a parent or guardian who is a member of the Scota Goddess Temple or that have formally approve their application. Youth members must consider themselves to be Pagan. 

Download the Application Below. 

IMPORTANT: Only pay for your Membership if you have emailed your Application to the Temple and you have been Accepted as a Member. 

Please email your Application to

Pay for the SGT Year Membership Below


As you have read on the main page, one of the objectives of the Scota Goddess Temple is to have a physical place in the long run where we can gather to celebrate privately in a permanent Sacred Space for the Pagan Community. Right now we are working to Open the Temple in Paisley, but till know, moots have been held in different public venues where we have met and although the idea of ​​moving to reach different groups is interesting and we will continue to do some activities this way, the ideal is to have our physical space.

To try in some way to help finance that physical space, we have designed with the help of the Patreon Platform, a place for those who wish to help with Rewards. Rewards are a way to energetically give something back in exchange for your help to make the Temple Venue a reality.

In addition to the Rewards, Patreons have general benefits, such as a preference to attend different Temple events, discounts on workshops, trips or pilgrimages that we will organize in the future.  Contributions start as little as 4.50 Pounds a Month! 

I invite you to visit our page on Patreon by clicking on the image above or the button you see to have more details about it.

You can also collaborate with sporadic Donations if you do not want To be a Patreon and make your Donation using our Paypal Donation Button.

People who make a donation in this way will be placed at our altar with a candle and a prayer in gratitude for their help.

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